TRIM FINANCIAL’s new multifamily product offers financing for apartment buildings with up to 29 units and $7.5 million loan amounts qualifying solely off DSCR – with no tax returns needed.

“This program is going to be great for any borrower who’s an investor that has complicated tax returns,” says Paul Trimakas, President of Trim Financial. “All we’re doing is qualifying the subject property itself, based off its cash flow.” “It’s a product that we’re seeing a very high demand for, mainly because there just hasn’t been a whole lot of options in the multifamily sector recently. Now that they’re starting to come back, there’s a lot of borrowers out there who have been sitting on the sidelines over the last couple of years, just waiting to have financing options available.”

Find out more in ‘How to use the 3-Month Bank Statement program and new Multifamily Financing’, an exclusive free webinar putting the spotlight on: Why there is a rising demand for small business multifamily loans How the 3-Month Bank Statement program differs from typical 12 and 24 Month Bank Statement programs

How to structure a 3-Month Bank Statement file for success

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