Nevada Commercial Mortgages

How to Reduce Loan Payments on Commercial Real Estate in Nevada

Seasoned Amortization

Our Commercial real estate loan consultants at Trim Financial will guide the Nevada commercial real estate investor in advance of their investment property’s mortgage becoming seasoned, whether in Las Vegas or Reno. It will be important for the commercial real estate investor in Nevada to be prepared for the cash flow interest payment reductions due to the investment property’s mortgage progressing well into the full term of the loan. As the Nevada commercial mortgage is gradually paid, the loan payment or debt service applies a larger portion of each mortgage payment to the principal. It is important for Nevada investors to prepare their investment loan tax strategy in advance. However, we highly recommend all Commercial Real Estate investors from Lake Tahoe to Henderson, consult with a tax professional or CPA familiar with Nevada real estate tax codes.

Reduction of Interest Payments

We at Trim Financial will guide the Nevada commercial real estate investor on not only calculating the payment of their commercial real estate mortgage, but also forecasting the amount of interest payments to be expected. Although commercial real estate property’s fixed rate loan payments for multi-use, hospitality or multi-family loans remain level and constant every month, the commercial real estate’s amortized loan’s earliest payments have the greatest proportion applied to interest during the initial years of the mortgage. 

With each loan payment made on a Nevada commercial real estate mortgage, the principal is reduced slightly, so that the next loan payment requires less interest, leaving a slight amount more available to apply to the principal of the commercial real estate mortgage, thereby amortizing and reducing the commercial loan on the Nevada investment property.

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