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To achieve passive cash flow you will need the best commercial real estate loan terms and loan programs necessary for a strong cash-on-cash position. Once you have chosen the commercial real estate property that you would like to purchase or refinance, it is important that you first: 

Complete and fill out the loan application on our website and second: 

Provide the necessary supporting financial documents. 

1st – Visit Our Application Page

It is important that you understand the fundamentals of your capital investment when applying for a commercial real estate loan. We at Trim Financial will help guide you in structuring the best possible loan program for your investment property, whether an apartment building or a self-storage warehouse. Help us to help you finance your commercial real estate asset with the most favorable rate and terms.

2nd – Provide Net Operating Income 

We at Trim Financial will calculate loan payments and the amount your commercial real estate property will qualify for financing. After we have the necessary information (ex. Historic operating expenses, rent roll, profit, loss, etc.), our loan experts will advise you on how to structure the best commercial real estate loan.

We at Trim Financial look forward to your success!